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Smooth, creamy and delightful. Café Spice Chai is a well-balanced blend of antioxidant-rich black tea and sultry spice. Crushed cinnamon, warm vanilla and a kiss of ginger, cardamom and clove conjure up the aromatic delights of an Indian street market. Enjoy this dessert-like cup on its own, or with a tou ch of milk &honey.

Chai (which rhymes with “pie”) is a traditional blend of milk, tea and spice common throughout India and Tibet. In this part of the world, chai is a part of daily life; A pot is made first thing in the morning and guests are welcomed with a fragrant cup immediately upon arrival. The quantity/types of spices used varies, as each family has their own favorite recipe and preparation methods change by region. This style of tea preparation is so popular in this part of the world that in Hindi, the word “chai” actually means “tea.” In the west, we have adopted the word “chai” to mean any type of tea blended with spice and often sweetened and served with milk.